Jacqueline Babcock
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Hello, I am Jacqueline Babcock, an Independently Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT-15179), since 2014. I have been working in the field of Mental Health and Wellness for 10 years. My biggest belief is that we all have the ability to heal, learn about ourselves and grow. My goal for all clients is to become the healthiest and most whole version of themselves. With that goal in mind I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) approaches when collaborating with clients to help identify and work towards your goals.

My specialty is healthy relationships, this starts with the relationship you have with yourself. I work with individuals or couples to increase: self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth or sense of self. Too often we get so caught up in the day-to-day or our “To-Do List” that we lose ourselves or relationships in the process. I work to help slow down the process, find balance and promote healing that we all often get too busy to make time for.

If you are feeling lost, confused, anxiety or depression please reach out. I work with clients to provide a safe place for healing and growth.

Cassandra Darner
Licensed Associate Counselor

I have expertise in working with adults and adolescents in coming to a better understanding of themselves and others, making positive changes, managing daily stress and creating a life worth living. I have had the opportunity to help people work through struggles including anxiety, depression, ADHD, anger, self-harm, codependency and chronic illness. I celebrate the incremental successes of my clients as they learn to promote the action oriented shifts that transform their experience of life.

I am committed to helping you find purpose in life while seeking meaningful experiences. I believe in a multifaceted approach to counseling with an affinity for Emotionally Focused and Acceptance and Commitment therapies.

Veronica Ezop
Licensed Associate Counselor

Hi! I’m Veronica Ezop, Licensed Counselor for over 5 years. I am passionate about helping others. If you’ve been wanting to create change in your life I would love to assist you with that. I have a passion for working with couples, families, adults, and teens. I understand that each person has unique experiences, qualities and needs. I take a strengths-based approach to help my clients accomplish balance, self-autonomy and overall wellness in their life. I believe in treating others with unconditional positive regard and encourage growth and exploration while facilitating self-actualization. I specialize in Couples Counseling, Infertility Support, Anxiety, Depression, Maternal Support and Adjustment Disorders. I often incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT), Gottman Strategies, Mindfulness, Holistic Approaches and Dialectical Behavioral Techniques (DBT) to help my clients achieve their goals. If you’re ready to feel an increase in your life or relationships please contact me and let’s get to work.

Nancy Brown
Master Level Clinician/Intern

I am passionate about helping others understand themselves and their relationships. With any relationships, I am passionate about helping others understand what boundaries are and how they can be set and used in real life situations, not just relationship. I also help show how communication and better communication, can help everyone have their needs met.

I work with children, teens and adults, along with couples and families. I focus on divorce, co-parenting and how parents can work together for the benefit of their children. I also have a huge passion for families that have medical situations and special needs and need help navigating the stressors that come with that having a medically complex. This includes the stressors that come with having a sibling with special needs. I also have experience with betrayal trauma, religious trauma, other forms of depression/anxiety.

I believe that when we can learn to trust others and ourselves, we can be vulnerable and have our needs met and meet the needs of others. As we learn to set boundaries and use good communication skills with the people in our lives, we can learn to ask for what we need and give what is needed in all our relationships.